About Us

We are manufacturing high class Crystal Salts Lamps and being exported to various countries. We have struggled hard to achieve this reputation for quality Lamps in the industry and would like convey our special thanks to house clients who helped us to extend our business in the international market.

Our Targets:

To give value to our customer’s ideas, high quality and in time delivery. Search for high quality, innovative Crystal Salt Lamps.

Company History:

Major Supplier of Crystal Salt Lamps. Established 2000, Manufacturing facility in Sialkot the famous city to produce high quality Salt Lamps.


Distribution Policy:

Products are sold through authorized salt lamps dealers / distributors worldwide. Importers, distributors are welcome to sell our goods in their territory.



We maintain a complete inventory of our products from immediate delivery Friendly customer service staff to answer questions and take your orders Repair service is also given to our worthy clients



To maintain a trend of new products, new innovative ideas are welcome to improve productivity and quality of all Products. Our employed engineering staff and technical workers bring ideas into reality. We are upgrading our existing products and developing new devices. Our quest for innovation to improve Lamps procedures or enhance patient comfort never ends. All your new inquiries regarding regular products or innovation are warmly welcomed.


International Standards:

We produce the finest Salt Lamps using modern machining methods and finished by hand by highly skilled makers All products are constructed from the finest materials.

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